Covid-19 Safeguarding Measures

We are incredibly excited to be welcoming all our customers back again from the 1st of August. As you can imagine there a few small changes within the spa at the moment, we have put in place stricter cleaning rules and regs to enable the safety of all our customers and staff members here at the spa. We are constantly re-evaluating our measures that have been put in place by following all government guidelines on a daily basis. We have just a few things to ask of you on your arrival for your time here with us.

  • Please report to reception before your appointment, during our lockdown so we can social distance within our spa we have moved the reception to a beautiful new room under east barn cottage in the cottage courtyard so you no longer head straight to the spa, you will be welcomed into the reception, where a therapist will come and greet you and take you to your therapy room where your consultation and treatment will be carried out, after your appointment your therapist will take you back to the reception where the receptionist will take care of you.

  • You are asked to sanitize your hands upon entry to the reception and again with in the spa, when you are taken into the treatment room, we ask you to wash your hands at the sinks, your therapist will also be following these guidelines with you.

  • A pre-filled in confidential consultation form must be filled in and sent back to the spa prior to you arriving for your appointment, this is sent to you over email via our new booking system.

  • 24 hours before arrival you must fill in a covid-19 health check questionnaire, which must be filled in and signed and sent back to us before arrival via email. This form will be ready for your appointment where we will check that nothing has changed upon arrival.

  • We will need to take your temperature upon arrival, unfortunately if you record a high temperature you will be asked to reschedule your appointment. If you are here for a spa day or break and you record a high temperature we ask you to sit in the shade or your car for 30 mins where we can rerecord your temperature to see if you have cooled down, if you have not cooled down in this time sadly we will have to ask you to reschedule your time here with us and we advise you to get a covid-19 test done.

  • Please adhere to social distancing where possible. We also ask that masks be worn at all times, you are welcome to remove your mask for facials and if you have medical reasons not to be wearing them. Our staff are wearing the correct measures of PPE through all treatments, they will be wearing visors, aprons and gloves where possible, if the client does not wear a mask our therapist may wear a mask and a visor. All manicures are also performed behind screens. We also have an air con system in place which runs all day, this system is constantly replacing the air within the spa all the time.
We understand there has been a lot of changes and we ask a lot of you all, but we strongly feel these measures will create a lovely friendly and safe environment for all of our customers and staff to enjoy. We look forward to welcoming you for your time here with us!

Very best,

Alex Petkovic
Spa Manager
Poppinghole Farm Spa