Experience Natura Bissé's Skincare Expertise in The Spa

We are excited to announce the arrival of our new, award-winning Natura Bissé® C+C Vitamin Citrus range!

The incredible Citrus Essence facial treatment combines the most advanced skin care with the best professional techniques. The delicious C+C products transform your skin… and your mood, giving a phenomenal sensory heightened experience.

Our body treatments are complete sensory experiences that give you spectacular skin. Breathe, relax, and enjoy the feeling of profound well-being.

These ageing prevention treatments are skin firming and perfect for dry and damaged skin.

The full range of C+C products are available online or in our spa reception, we couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Natura Bissé® Facial

Natura Bissé® Facial

The Citrus Essence

55 mins

This facial uses award winning products which take you on a stunning citrus journey you will find hard to forget. Recommended for anyone looking for a true firming antioxidant treatment, with intense hydration, leaving smooth, even and luminous skin.

Recommended post-treatment home care
• C+C Vitamin Face Cream
• C+C Vitamin Soufflé mask
• C+C Vitamin Splash

Natura Bissé® Wrap and Scrub

Natura Bissé® Scrub and Wrap

Citrus Scrub

55 mins

treatment eliminates dead skin cells for extraordinarily radiant and protected skin. Leaving a full body hydration, promoting circulation and muscle tone, providing firmness and elasticity. Recommended for skin that has experienced environmental damage, or has dry skin.

Recommended post-treament home care
Natura Bisse C+C Vitamin Body Cream

Citrus Drench Wrap

55 mins

restoring and firming antioxidant body mask and massage, fighting premature ageing, restoring skins firmness. Recommended for those looking to firm and hydrate skin to fight the premature aging of the skin.

Recommended post-treatment home care
• C+C vitamin Body Cream
• C+C vitamin Body lift

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